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This past weekend we held our very first SELF event (Sharon Ellen Louis Foundation) at Kick@55 with the help of owner Rebecca Gahan.

25 fierce women rallied together (all in purple, my mom’s favorite color) to raise money for Cancer research through a fund at Glenbrook Hospital. We raised almost $700 in 1 hour! 

I am beyond lucky to have such amazing, loving people in my life. My mom will live on through all of you and she has enough beauty, light, and love to go around. 

If you haven’t been, checkout Kick@55 at 108 w Hubbard. I had a slew of texts from my friends that next morning about their inability to walk due to too many squats! Rebecca always kicks @ss and that is why I keep coming back!

Do yourself a solid and signup today!  

>> If you would like to donate to SELF please click this Link <3  <<


Beast + Balance – Where the Cool Kids Flow

flow kids

About two weeks ago I attended Elli Gotlieb’s Yoga Sculpt class at Core Power Yoga. Let’s just say, I was immediately hooked.Her class was challenging and had the perfect mix of arm, leg, and ab work. Her energy pushed me to hold my plank longer and squat deeper. She also has a really cool vibe about her so it is no shock to me that she has put together the coolest tribe of yogi’s with her new endeavor Beast + Balance.

This past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to attend her very first Beast + Balance event. The concept is a pop-up, curated yoga + lifestyle experience. Basically, a community of cool kids who like to flow. She has single-handedly built a tribe of people to do dope yoga sh*t with.

The experience was above and beyond what I had expected. As someone who considers themselves an entrepreneur, Elli really impressed me.

  • She found an awesome space in the West Loop
  • Each class was nearly, if not, sold out (and there were 5 of them!)
  • Taught an awesome hour long yoga class
  • Had staff on deck to help with check in as well as help students with form
  • Had several different local businesses on site to serve food and drinks
  • Decorations were on point

I could go on and on. Overall I truly believe Elli was born to teach yoga and I can’t wait for the next Beast + Balance event. If you wanna flow with the cool kids, jump on board.



Unlimited Shred415 for $100!

This is probably one of (if not THE) best Gilt City deal I’ve seen in the workout world recently. Shred415 UNLIMITED classes for only $100.

SweatyReviews lives for a good Shred class, but at over $25 a class it can get expensive. This is the perfect deal to start shredding at an affordable rate!

Click the link HERE to purchase!


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From GiltCity.com

How to Prep for a Long Weekend

Prepping for a long summer weekend rarely involves finding time to fit in a workout, and we don’t blame you! Summer is a time to enjoy life more than usual. Whether its drinking and eating at a street festival, partying on boats or wining and dining  on a cool summer patio; there’s no reason to deny yourself what you deserve after 265 days of hibernation. At Sweaty Reviews we agree that summer is the time to enjoy yourself, but we’d like to look good doing it! That’s why we’re bringing to you our favorite summer tips and tricks for turning up the heat right before the long weekend.

Take a HIIT class

Well this is a no brainer. HIIT cardio is the fastest and most efficient way to burn calories and speed up metabolism by implementing intense periods of plyometric exercises and interval speed work. Substitute one barre or relaxation yoga workout for an extra HIIT class this week and get extra energized for the weekend.

Studio Recommendations: Torch @ Studio Three // Cycle @ Studio Three // Total Body @ Shred415 // Booty, Barbells & Burpees Bootcamp @ Kick@55 Fitness // Total Body @ CrossTown Fitness

Energize with a Power Yoga

Not all yoga is created equal. Power Yoga will help release tension in your muscles while simultaneously energizing your body, giving you the boost you’ll need to enjoy your exciting adventures for the weekend!

Studio Recommendations: Power Yoga @ Yoga Six // C2 @ CorePower Yoga (favorite teachers Mar M and Chelsea G) // Hi-Def and Advanced Hi-Def @ Studio Three (power yoga plus strength).

Eat clean before the weekend

Loading up on veggies, fruit and lean protein while limiting carbs and sodium is the fastest/healthiest way to rid your body of bloat and excess fat right before you need to slip into that bikini.

Take your workout outside the studio

Sometimes the monotony of exercise comes not from a boring old run, but following the same routine over and over. If group fitness has been your go to the last few months and your Saturday morning fitness class is just not in the cards this weekend, try to hit the lake front for at least a 30 minute run, bike, or swim. Include short interval bursts of 45 seconds pushing at your peak effort.

Schedule a morning class

We all know that commitment is half the battle! Schedule morning classes the day of and after a long weekend in preparation and recovery for the long weekend.

Kick Pic 1

(photo at kick@55 fitness in river north)

Happy and Healthy Fourth of July from Sweaty Reviews!🙂

Shred415 W/ Tracy Roemer (Founder)

Shred with Tracy 2

Studio: Shred415

Class Name: Arms and Abs

Address: 300 Happ Rd. Northfield IL

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: All

Instructor: Tracy Roemer (Founder)

Reviewer: Lindsey

Studio/Class Review: 

Shred Northshore is a conveniently located right off the highway, perfect for those reverse commuters (better to hit the gym instead of traffic, am I right?!). There is parking right in front and I’ve never had trouble finding a spot! The studio is clean and has a great area to change and shower post class. My only complaint is that there is only one water fountain station, but they sell water bottles at the front in case I’m in a rush!

The clientele is a bit older at this studio being in the burbs, but don’t let that fool you – it’s still a brutal workout. Class with Tracy was broken out into 12, 10, and 8 minute intervals. I loved this class because she brought us up to a 15 incline on the treadmill (which Shred teachers don’t do enough) and really pushed us on the floor exercises.

Instructor Review:

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Tracy was in fact TRACY ROEMER one of the founders of Shred415! I have to say it is no wonder that Shred is such a success. Her spunk and energy made me feel like we were part of a filmed workout segment. She had diverse floor movements and pushed speeds and inclines. I honestly have no idea how she remembered the routines as we swapped places with the other group as well as kept pace with timing (there was no notebook, I looked!). It was such an honor taking her class and I highly recommend that if you ever see her name on the schedule, BOOK IT!

Extras: They always post a Shredder of the month, next month it could be you! They also sell ‘On the Go Workouts’ on their site – check them out HERE!

Would I recommend?:  Yes

Website: Shred415.comShred with Tracy 1



Studio: The P.E. Club

Address: 238 East 75th st.

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: Intermediate- Beast

Instructor: Katy

Reviewer: Eileen


Having never done TRX I was nervous about what this class would entail. For anyone who doesn’t know, TRX is a type of workout that involves suspension training (I added a picture). This particular class involved both TRX, Pilates and Barre so it was the ultimate fitness class for toning. At first we warmed up on mats just doing basic push ups, and then moved over to the barre where we did a series of toning exercises with a small ball and resistance band. Following this portion, we then went over and used the TRX. This class was AMAZING! It was such a good workout. I felt crippled the next day because we literally worked every part of the body. What was also amazing was that there was only 5 of us in the class so we got so much individual help. The class was difficult, but was so fun and went by fast thanks to Katy the incredible instructor.


Katy is a young, vibrant, encouraging and upbeat instructor. I talked to her before and after class and found out she is a dancer, and is interested in musicals. So I immediately connected with her! I told her it was my first time with TRX and she did a great job of making sure I was doing everything correctly and safely. Katy did an amazing job of giving everyone individual attention. She was so encouraging and really knows how to make a great atmosphere. First off, her playlist was great. Music helps any workout. During the core section she blasted fast paced music so we could tune out our thoughts. I especially liked how she broke the class up. She pushed us hard, but knew when to move onto the next thing. So I never got bored or felt like I couldn’t complete anything. I really really hope to take this class again! I LOVED it! Checkout her insta @therealslimkaty


PE has TRX classes, as well as personal training opportunities. The facility is really small. Their are two front rooms where  personal training happens, and then a back room that is for barre and TRX classes. They provide lockers and towels.


Soul Cycle with Sandra!

Soul Cycle UES

Studio: Soul Cycle

Address: 82nd and 3rd Avenue

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: All

Instructor: Sandra

Reviewer: Eileen

Class Review:

Having not done spin in over a year, I was intimated to try Soul Cycle. Soul Cycle seems to have this reputation as a cult, so I figured it wouldn’t be that inviting…but I was wrong!! I quickly figured out what the hype was about, and why it is so addicting.

I showed up, and my first class was only $20, which included shoes. (After your first class it is $37, and shoes are not provided). Everyone was really helpful and so welcoming! The instructor personally came over and helped me adjust my bike, and gave me some tips about riding, and how to have correct alignment.

Whoever said cycling isn’t a full body workout has never taken Sandra’s Soul Cycle class. Of course we worked our legs the entire time, but there was an entire song dedicated to weights. While we cycled we held 2 pound weights and did a variety of arm toning exercises! There were also ab exercises scattered throughout many different songs.

The class takes place almost completely in the dark, but with candles. So it really helps for you to focus on yourself, instead of comparing to others. The instructor has minimal light shining on her at the front of the class, but she adjusted the lights with the feel of the song. So when the song picks up and the beat drops the lights get more intense. It really helps with the energy of the room! Soul Cycle just really thought of it all. The mix of loud music pumping, dark lights, the riders all cheering and an awesome teacher made for an incredible class.

Something to know about Soul Cycle is every instructor and class is different. You can go on their website and see each instructor’s playlist. So pick a class that you vibe with!

Instructor Review:

Sandra really knew how to keep the energy high in the room. Her playlist was really fun, and she knew how to work/ motivate the room. She was great at reminding us of the proper technique. To keep our chests high, and to never let our weight collapse onto the steering wheel of the bike.

What I appreciated most about Sandra was how motivational she was. One thing that really stuck with me was, “if it hurts it means your body is changing so keep pushing.” I loved that. It really motivated me to not let fatigue get the best of me. On the other hand, she constantly gave suggestions on how to modify. She explained if you’re tired move back in your seat or remove the choreography, but don’t lose the technique to keep up.

Facilities: Soul Cycle’s facilities are really nice. The provide lockers, locker rooms and towels for their guests. The company does a great job of carrying the theme of the brand from start to finish. Everything is crisp, clean and inviting!


POWERide45 @ WheelPower W/ Tracy Chudnow

WheelPower Studio

Class Name: POWERide45

Address: 49 North Waukegan Rd, Deerfield, IL

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: All

Instructor: Tracy Chudnow

Reviewer: Lindsey

WP tracy and i

Studio/Class Review: 

The studio is right off Waukegan rd, which is a perfect location for suburbanites. Tracy nailed every detail from showers, to changing rooms, to child care, to cold towels after leaving class (COLD TOWELS – GENIUS!) . The bikes are all brand new and branded with their signature logo. There is a leader board in class to keep participants motivated and engaged, your stats even get emailed to you immediately after class! The vibe at WheelPower is awesome and I can’t wait to go back. They have some super cool swag for sale also!

Instructor Review:

Tracy is an X FlyWheel instructor, whose class I used to frequent. When I heard she was starting her own gig in Deerfield, IL (near my hometown) I had to check it out. Tracy is extremely friendly, energetic, motivational, and fun (among many many other adjectives). She makes every class exciting with a mixture of hills, flat roads, tap backs, and races. There is never a dull moment in class with Tracy.


The studio also offers:

  • POWERsculpt 45
  • POWERide 30 (an Xpress ride)
  • Power75 (combination of POWERide 45 + POWERsculpt 25

Tracy co-owns WheelPower with Donnie Stutland and Stephanie Rubinstein

Would I recommend?:  Yes

Website: http://wheelpowerstudio.com/

Displaying IMG_3894.JPGDisplaying IMG_3894.JPGWP 1

Hit 180 W/ Alex @ Hit180 Fitness

Studio: Hit180 Fitness

Class Name: Hit 180

Address: 193 Northfield Road Northfield, IL 60093‎

Sweaty Reviews Fitness Level: All

Instructor: Alex Rust

Reviewer: Lindsey

Studio/Class Review: 

The gym is a bit hidden down Northfield Road, but once you find your way there the first time it is a no brainer…there is ample parking in the back as well. The gym has an ‘open air’ feel and lots of windows that bring in sunlight, nice to have at 5:45am! There were also a crazy amount of people at the gym at this early hour, which tells me these owners have to be doing something right!

There are brand new showers in the woman’s locker room as well as health food shop, perfect for those of us who have to run straight to work after a workout.

The class structure is setup to incorporate a series of cardio and strength exercises with brief rests in between by the use of stations. The cardio stations incorporated rowers and a horizontal climbing machine, while the strength stations incorporated ropes, TRX, dumbbells, and medicine balls. We rotated sections every 5 minutes, which made the class zoom by. The moves were challenging and hit a wide variety of muscle groups.

This class is great for those who are working on their form, want a powerful mixture of cardio and strength, and need a once stop shop for their morning routine!

Instructor Review:

The instructor was super friendly, inviting, and motivating. As we moved through the exercises she kept a close eye on all participants to ensure correct form, even offering hands on assist when needed. Her peppy attitude kept me motivated the whole time. She even took time to give us a full stretch at the end, which some fitness instructors skimp on.

Extras: The gym offers many other services aside from group fitness!

  • Personal Training
  • Small Group Training
  • Boxing Training
  • In-Home Training
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Kids Fitness Training

The website also has a 21 day nutrition plan for free!

Would I recommend?:  Yes

Website: http://hit180fit.com/
fit180 3